The right solution

Henk-Jan Luiten Luiten Orthopedie

Since it is very important to me to involve the entire team, I never make decisions alone. Henk-Jan Luiten, owner of Luiten Orthopedie in the Netherlands, finds it also very motivating to educate jong people en to make them passionate about the job. ‘On the other hand, these jong people can learn me a lot as well!  At this moment we work quite intensively with the CYScan3D in order to measure digitally. It is a very accurate way to measure in my opinion. Our jong employees adapt these digital systems very easily and quickly. More time for our customers in order to create a good personal contact, is one of our main priorities. Some clients request mainly a functional solution while others find the cosmetic aspect very important. It’s all about developing the right solution for our clients.  

Strong and passionate

I admire CYS more since we have been working together for a while now. During my visit at the CYS production facility I saw that their employees are truly motivated. A strong and passionate team! Although the communication in English is a challenge to me, together we always work things out. It is actually unbelievable that we have such a great ways to outsource our production.

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