A strong base

Bram Hulzebos OIM Orthopedie

We are satisfied as long as we can accomplish the ‘mobility goal’ of our customers. We offer a wide range of orthopedic tools and services in order to help realizing personal ambitions. The Dutch megalithic monuments in our region are symbolic to the power and quality of our orthopedic products. Concerning our orthopedic footwear we can offer this quality because of the products of Choose your Shoes. Products such as reinforcements of soles, uppers and sole materials. Because of my function as an operational manager I can see each and every time how easy our orthopedic shoe technicians can assemble customized shoes. The catalogue and leather bundle create many possibilities for our customers. They can even have a look in the digital catalogue at home, which makes the entire process more effective. Even though we are a large organization, we are still able to guard the personal contact with our customer.

Personal contact

Although OIM is a bigcompany, we keep in close contact with our customers. This is exactly how we experience the contact and relation to Choose your Shoes. Choose your Shoes is a reliable supplier, which makes is possible for us to commit to set delivery times. Furthermore they are always open for communication regarding ideas and improvements which is essential to move forward. We only offer our customers the best.

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